Kitten meows and then attacks me?

I have a 5 month old male not-neutered yet kitten, I got him at 8 weeks and found out his mother abandoned him. Since he was 2-3 months he has been attacking me more and more. I don't understand, we could be playing or maybe we aren't even interacting, he will come up and sit and stare at me with a swinging tail, then whine (it's not a normal meow) and then he will suddenly attack me. I don't think this is petting or play aggression. I have tried to deter this in many ways, I've tried to interrupt it before it happens (distract his attention, or just say no, both just set him off), "punish" him after it happens by scruffing him or putting him into a different room, or maybe clapping, all of these make him very angry and make my injuries worse.

Anyway I am a college student I definitely feel like he has gotten worse since I got a new job. I can't get a new kitten and frankly don't want to, I don't think he will respond well. Does anyone have a solution or even just an explanation?

Asked by Member 1212151 on Feb 20th 2014 Tagged kitten, attack, biting in Aggression
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Panda Bear

He is unhappy in being alone all of the time, and taking his aggression out on you. Now that you have a job, buy him a cat tower, more toys, treats, etc. He also might play really rough, and neutering in another month should help a little, but since he's still little he may not necessarily play nicer once he is grown. Try a toy like the cat dancer that would have him leaping and jumping on something (other than you), and maybe he'd like a compressed catnip ball also. ^_^

Panda Bear answered on 3/6/14. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer