Kitten food - what are the differences between the Hills Science Diet dry options?

When I adopted my kittens from the shelter, they recommended Hills Science Diet Kitten. I purchased some from my local pet store, but I'm hunting for better prices online and recently noticed that there are THREE different kitten dry food options by the same brand.

Does anyone know what the differences are between the three? (Hills Science Diet Indoor Kitten, Healthy Development, and Ocean Fish) The difference in price is more than $1-$2 per 3.5 bag, so it would be enough to switch to the cheapest version if there's no specific reason for me to use one over another. I also heard that Hills is rolling out an improved formula, but I don't know which is the old and which is the new...

Asked by Member 1140346 on Dec 19th 2012 Tagged kitten, food, hillssciencediet in Food & Nutrition
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My recommendation is to stay away from dry food - it is too low in protein and water content and too high in carbohydrates. Many cats who eat dry food only become overweight and diabetic and suffer from urinary tract infections. Please feed your kittens canned food. Also, stay away from anything made by Hill's Science Diet. It is garbage. They use meat by-products and grain fillers that are not at all healthy for cats. See for more about what to feed cats.

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