Kitten, 9 weeks old, cannot move front paws after a fall form a six story building?

So yesterday night my cat, about 9 weeks old decided to jump off the balcony. I live on the 6th floor so you can imagine the distance. We did put netting in front of the fence and I have no idea how she did it.. It's pretty high.

We went to the vet etc. and he told us she has a good chance of recovering. He gave her medication (Tolfedine) and some shots to try to rebuild her nervous system. Her front paws seem paralyzed, though she does try to stand on them and that works every now and then. Apart from that (and it's been only a day) she is active, hungry but also very sleepy.

Now I was wondering, if her paws are going to be okay, how long would that take? Does anyone have any experience with this what so ever? And how much better can she get? Can a cat lead a pretty normal life with three or two paws? I have no idea how I can make stuff more comfortable for her so tips are more then welcome!


Jillyann, RedBull and Koe (the kitten!)

Asked by RedBull on Aug 9th 2010 Tagged concussion, paralyzation, kitten, fall in Emergencies & First Aid
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Izadore (Izzie)

One thing you need to do is stay in constant contact with your vet. Go to all follow-up appointments and if you notice anything about her that doesn't seem 'right", call them immediately. Ask them what you've asked us about keeping her comfortable and how you can help her heal from this terrible accident.Take a pen and paper into the exam room with you, write down all your questions before you go and then write down all the vet's answers and suggestions. Kittens are babies, and like human babies, they need constant supervision. They can get into places you'd never think they could and even if they get hurt or scared, they'll do it again. But you already know all that. Since we don't know exactly what your baby's prognosis is, it's hard to suggest anything for you to do. I have a 3-legger Husky/Shepherd/Dobie mix and she can beat a squirrel to a tree! Animals are amazing at adapting to disabilities. "The Zoo" sends it's prayers and purrs that Koe will be fine!Let us know how she's doing

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