Keeping ticks off my explorer cat in a heavily wooded area without breaking the bank: is it possible??

Help me out, fellow cat lovers! My little prince Oliver lives to go outside. We tried making him an indoor kitty but he just will not have it. We have a heavily wooded back yard and he has been coming home with ticks regularly. I used the basic pet armor stuff from Walmart but he was back with more ticks about 3 weeks later. I applied it again and it lasted for a WEEK before I found a HUGE tick on him with two ticks inside the bite. I feel so bad for my poor guy because it can't be comfortable but I'm not sure i got all of them off. He loves to sleep with me and snuggle, but i cant risk getting ticks all over the house too. What works best for getting rid of ticks that isn't too outrageously expensive?

He's becoming an inside city cat in the next two months so something temporary will do!

Asked by Oliver on Jun 11th 2013 Tagged ticks, tickprevention, outdoorcat in Flea & Tick Protection
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Panda Bear

There is a little contraption called a tick key that costs $6.00. It is a little device that removes the tick and is 99.5% effective. You just have to check him regularly when he comes inside, and thoroughly. Lyme disease is horrible for pets and humans so you need to medicate him also with a flea and tick collar... check if seresto is good for ticks also... I know it works for fleas. Safe move! ^_^

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