Katt is acting fine but hasn't passed string, we're at 66 hours in

On Thursday night Katt ate just under 18" of hemp twine, it could have just been in pieces, there were some strands littered about - but I didn't see her ingest it.

We took her to the vet on Friday afternoon just to be safe, even though she was acting completely normal. The vet opted for x-rays, and there was evidence that it was in the lower intestine - looked to be almost out! She said Katt was fine for now, just needed watching. In the x-rays she also discovered two hernias, which mean surgery isn't really an option. Super pricey and risky.

Saturday morning Katt pooped!!! No string though. She's still herself, only thing is she's drinking less and hasn't had a BM since Saturday, about 30 hours ago. I've been giving her water through a syringe to get more liquids.

All I've read says that by now she should either have passed the string, or be showing signs of blockage - lethargic, not eating, not playful - which she isn't.

Anybody have an similar situations? How did it go?


Asked by Member 1188088 on Sep 1st 2013 Tagged cat, string, intestines, stool, gastrointestinal, obstruction, linear, blockage, kitty, ate in Health & Wellness
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The best thing for you to do is to tell your vet the string hasn't passed yet and ask your vet's advice.

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