just recused a small kitten its about 8 to 9 inches from the head to its butt not counting the tail

I know to take it to the vet for a check up to make sure it healthy but what should i have it checked for my last cat was 25 years old and its been a long time between cats if you know what i mean it's a new world for me any help would be greatly appreciated

Asked by Sinclaire on Sep 8th 2012 Tagged new in Emergencies & First Aid
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Your vet will know, based on kitties age, what its average size and weight should be, and then, they may determing if, anything, is causing your kitty to be smaller, some kitties are just a bit smaller, and im sure as long as you kitty is eating and drinking properly, there shouldnt be an issue but take kitty to the Vets anyway for peace of mind. hope you are both well

Batfink answered on 9/9/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer