Sweet Pea

I've taken a stray into my home & after about a month he started being extremely agressive towards my original two cats.

Its been 6 months now. I cannot let him be w/the others, so he stays in a spare bedroom where I've installed a screen door. I think its unfair for him to live this way for the rest of his life, but I have been unable to rehome him. He is a Siamese that is a smart, talkative, loving, cuddly, sweet lap cat. He is a great companion cat. However, his agression twds other cats has been turned to me & my husband when we have interfered with his attacks on the others. My husband is immune system compromised & is now trying to heal from the infection this cat's bite has given him. My only options seem to be euthanization or a sheltor. I do not consider either to be good options. I've done everything (I mean EVERYTHING) experts recommend - anti-anxiety drugs, flower essences, calming sprays, training, etc., etc. Are there any other options for me at this point? Because he can be vicious w/displaced agression, should I even consider rehoming him, assuming I could find someone?

Asked by Sweet Pea on Nov 15th 2012 Tagged agression, rehoming, behavior in Aggression
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Izadore (Izzie)

It has to be extremely upsetting to have your home turned into a feline war zone, especially since your husband's health is at risk. It's possible this cat was turned loose by a previous owner because of his behavior. It's also possible that he has a mental "condition" that is incurable, or that he had been abused in his previous life. I'm assuming he is neutered. There are few shelters that will accept a cat who is described as aggressive. Most will look for an outdoor or "barn" home for him as long as the adopter promises to put food out and give the cat shelter. He does not sound like he will make a good indoor pet for anyone, but to simply turn him loose is pronouncing a death sentence upon him. To rehabilitate a feral cat, assuming he has no physical or mental issues, is very difficult and takes much patience, time and talent. Some rescues do have rehabilitators on staff who might be able to work with you. Go to www.petfinder.com to find rescues in your area. Good luck!

Izadore (Izzie) answered on 11/15/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer