Is this cat mostly Norwegian Forest Cat, Maine Coon, or what?

I made this video showing off my cat's various features:

Here he is at around 3 months:

Here's one of the best full body pictures I could find:

What kind of cat was he? I've never seen pictures of a breed with cheeks quite as fluffy as his. His tail, as you can see in the video, is also extremely fluffy.

Personality: Very bonded to me, followed me around everywhere, slept with me, and spent hours in my lap. He wasn't too sure about anyone else. He also drooled when he purred, and would sometimes sit on my chest and bump me with his head if he didn't think I was petting him enough. He was skittish, and would run and hide at loud noises or when strangers would come over.

Asked by Member 1064609 on Oct 19th 2011 Tagged breednorweiganforestmaincoon in Breeds J-Z
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Looks like a beautiful and unique Domestic Long Hair to me, a fellow DLH. If you didn't purchase him from a specialty breeder or adopt him from a breed rescue that rescues pedigreed cats from owners unable to care for them or bad breeders that get shut down it's generally safe to assume he was a freely bred long haired cat from a long line of pets, strays, ferals, or barn cats with no controlled breeding or at best has one purebred parent of any of a number of long-haired breeds. Temperament is no great indication of breed either- the purest bred cat of a breed renowned for friendliness will hide under the bed and hiss at people if it is isolated or mistreated in it's kittenhood and the rattiest little street cat will be loving and affectionate if it's taken in between 4-8 weeks old and lovingly cared for by people.

Take pride in what you can be sure he was- a very special and beloved member of your family!

Scooby answered on 10/20/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer