Is there something I can do to help reduce the frequencies of the kitty heats?

My cat is 8 months old. She had her first heat when she was 6 months old. Since then, she has been in heat every other week. She is an indoor cat, so I didn't think she would need to be fixed. But every other week of heat is too much. Is there anything I can do to help reduce the frequency or help calm her down?

Asked by Member 1212947 on Feb 24th 2014 Tagged heat in Spaying & Neutering
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Unfortunately, you are finding out what many pet owners find out when they do not spay or neuter a pet - the excessive heats! A healthy female cat will go into heat at least every 3-4 weeks (so about once a month.) Some cats, like yours, will go into it more often.

Even though she is an indoor cat, you really should get her spayed unless you're a professional breeder. Her heats will make her so stir-crazy that she is FAR more likely to escape - putting her in danger outdoors, and also giving you the whole new problem of a young mother cat with a new litter needing cared for.

Also, cats who are not spayed are at risk of many more expensive diseases and cancers (such as ovarian cancer)- all of which are preventable by spaying! This site has a good list of pros and cons to spaying. It may be expensive, but I can guarantee it is cheaper than treating ovarian cancer, or vetting and feeding a litter of kittens. Plus, spayed cats live 2-3 years longer.

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