Is there any way I can make my kitten grow up to be my best friend?

I have been having trouble bonding with my kitten, Nala. She doesn't mind me being around or picking her up, but I don't want her to go grow up and not listen to me when I signal her to come. I want her to follow me and sit beside me and love me as much as I love her. I have 4 other family members ( Mom, dad, brother, little sister) I want her to be a family cat and play with them, but I just want her to know that I'm the alpha male. Please send any bonding tips for me. Thanks!

Asked by Member 1130819 on Sep 14th 2012 Tagged kitten, bonding, companionship in Socialization
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My cat Thor did not like anyone when we first got him. He hated me even touching him. (I kind of bribed him). I brought him home little happys and gave them to him myself. I brought him to bed with me and showed him where he could sleep. We have now had him 4 months and he doesnt like me having a computer in my lap let alone another animal! He gets jealous and is constantly laying on me. He wont let anyone feed him but me either. Just she nala that you want to be her friend. (You will never show her you are the alpha because cats dont really have alphas. they believe the are higher than everyone in the house. You belong to them. Little fun fact, did you know that when a cat rubs its face on you, its not showing affection, its actually marking you with its scent. Basically claiming you.)

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Timmy Tomcat DB #122a

Cats are very different than dogs so just be aware that you have to show Nala that you are her best buddy.

This is best done with good training, lots of play, treats, and, of course, love. If you love her she will respond. Cats are very empathic.

A good training treat is the Tuna-Flake. They do not add too many calories. I also use kibble. The regular treats are a bit large for ongoing training. Maybe break into bits.

Play with her and let her chase and chase and then let her catch. Give a small treat after the catch. This is Hunt-Catch-Kill behavior and what a cat lives for. Small play times of 5-10 minutes are best as this is the normal behavior of a cat in the wild.

Patience is key. Get a book on training for cats. Get a clicker if you like. My guys are all very loving but some took longer than others to warm up.

Do not "make" Nala be with you. This is a sure way to slow bonding. Play with her in your bedroom. Give a treat when she jumps on the bed and pet her.

Love works!

Timmy Tomcat DB #122a answered on 9/15/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer