Is there any over the counter medicine for kittens with weepy eyes?

My nieghbor has a 10 week old kitten, and it has runny eyes that seem to close up and have to be wiped and cleaned often.He does not have the money to take the kitten to the vet and where he lives there is no vets that will see the animal at discount or do payment plan nor is there an spca.I feel so sorry fir this kitten,and wedon't want it to die.Please if you know of any way we can get this poor lil guy fixed up....please help!thanks!

Asked by Member 637568 on Jun 30th 2008 Tagged oozingeyes, weepingeyes, overthecountereyemedicine, helphavingkittenseen, nomoneytopayforvetvisit in Health & Wellness
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Kittens outdoors often get weepy eyes, barn cats also. You may try a luke warm (not hot) water compress and gently wipe corner of eye 2-3 times a day . If there is no way to see a vet, you may try eye cleanse solution from pet store (or online pet supplies). Use sparingly on kittens. I am concerned about the comment that the eye closes up, this may be more serious than irritation, it could be an infection that would require a vet. Can your neighbor call a vet and ask them to recommend something without the kitten being seen? Explain to the vet that phone advice is the kitten's only hope for treatment. Good luck.

Member 628763 answered on 6/30/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


First off NEVER put anything into the eye unless you know exactly what the problem is. It could further damage the eye. A vet is not going to give advice over the phone as they have no idea without examining the animal what could be causing the eye discharge...scratch, allergies, irritation, infection, etc.
Your neighbor needs to ask someone for financial assistance...friend, family.
Sorry but I need to rant here (and I know you are merely the messenger). WHY do people get animals that they can not afford to take care of???? I am an only kitty because mom and dad can't afford more than one pet...and mom even get's extremely discounted exams/meds from the doctors she works for. It so upsetting when people get animals and then they get sick and they have no financial means to take care of them...I just don't get it!
Have your neighbor look here for financial assistance

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If she's a kitten then she's still young enough to be given to a person who CAN afford medical care. She's going to need to be spayed in a few months, how does he expect to pay for that? We keep a credit card with a low APR that is only for pet emergencies.

I agree with Hunter, if you can't afford a pet then you shouldn't have one. A kitten can easily be re-homed and this might be a lifelong condition requiring meds and care. If he really wants what's best for her he should start looking for a good home NOW.

Sam answered on 6/30/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


A cat with "weepy eyes" that close up and have to be cleaned often is sick. Kittens are especially vulnerable to illness. If he intends to keep this kitten it needs to go to the vet ASAP. Kittens can lose their eyes and die of these infections. I volunteer at a shelter and we see it all the time.

The vet will examine the kitten, give it its first round of shots, and give it liquid medication (a very cheap antibiotic). But without this medication the kitten may get sicker and die.

You may have to be the hero here and take this kitten to the vet. If your neighbor cannot afford an animal to take care of it when it's sick then he needs to give it a good home. I agree with the other posters. It's not fair to get an animal if you can't afford to take care of it. The kitten is suffering. HELP IT.

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Izadore (Izzie)

Unfortunately, everyone is right. We don't know the circumstances of how your neighbor got the baby--he may have rescued it. But, in any case, bottom line is that this baby needs to be seen by a vet. "Home remedies" could cause blindness or even infection leading to the death of the kitten. I find it hard to believe that there are no animal rescue groups in his area. Most vets are not so hard-hearted that they will refuse treatment to a sick baby. Have you called any? Maybe the two of you could pool your resources and get the kitten treated. It may be just a matter of some salve or drops that will cure whatever is wrong. And, to add to his 'expenses' with this kitten, he needs to have it fixed. Animals are expensive to keep, and even if they come to us at no cost (like rescuing them) we still owe them medical care to keep them happy and healthy. If we can't afford it, then we need to do a major rethink about having them as pets.

Izadore (Izzie) answered on 7/1/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


i've always had luck with very diluted peroxide and warm water. wrung out well and rubbed lightly over the
eye a couple times a day.

cat answered on 7/8/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Ask the Vet! Ask the Vet! I get so tired of hearing that and ask the Doctor too. The fact is half the world never goes to a Doctor or Vet and they still cure themselves and their animals. I'm tired of inflated egos and greed in the medical profession. They aren't as smart as they think they are. Telling everyone to always ask your Vet or Doctor is making them rich.

A weak Hydrogen Peroxide solution lightly rubbed over oozing kitten eyes is something you can do easily and it won't hurt the kitten if it doesn't clear up the problem. If it does work, you just saved yourself a lot of money.

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Mix Boric acid 1 part to 5 parts warm water - put on eye gently with cotton ball several times a day.

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