Is my kitten to fat? Please help!

Ok so I got my kitten about a week ago I named her angel and my mom told me to not feed her to much so I didn't...or at least I don't think I did....she's only 6 weeks old and my hand dosent fit around her all the way around her belly. I can cup my hand and its the size of her belly! I'm scared shes going to get fat or she might die! I read online that u should only feed a kitten 1.5 ounces of hard kitten food (she's been eatting kitten food even before I got her) iv recently been feeding her more watter then milk. I have her in a cage and take her out a lot daily trying to get her to lose some weight. Her cage stinks a lot tho of poop (but now she has kitten litter so its not as bad) and her poop is runny and light brown. I trust this brand of kitten food (kitten chow) so I don't know what's wrong. I'm really scared that she will die. Any one know whats wrong with her? Thanks!

(How much hard kitten food is 1 ounce in a cup)

Asked by Member 1194224 on Oct 13th 2013 Tagged food, health in Food & Nutrition
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Panda Bear

Why are you keeping a cat in a cage? Take her to the vet pronto... she probably has worms. You can buy a cat or kitten book that will help answer your questions about how to take care of them. Your mom is wrong- baby cats are NOT fat unless they are bloated from being sick!! PLEASE take her in to see a veterinarian now, before she does die! ^_^

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