Is my kitten doing ok?

Hi I went to view a kitten two days ago the owner really didn't want it and told a few lies kept changing their story they said she was 10 weeks old and looking at her I knew she wasn't I got the cat and left as she was the only one there no mum or other cats and didn't want them doing anything naughty with her I went straight the vets and found out she is 6 weeks old. Shouldn't be of her mum! She's eating food okay not lapping water so giving her milk she has only had two poos though I have had a cat before but not this young?! Her belly is quite big she has had a wormer and is due to go back for the rest in a few days time, she is okay in the day she has a crate to sleep in with bedding toys and litter tray and bowl (quite a large crate) just so she feels safe and has the front room. But at night time I take her to bed and she has to sleep around my head constantly puring cleaning me and pawing me and loves to get in my hair, is this normal for a cat so young? thank you for reading

Asked by Member 1182676 on Jul 27th 2013 Tagged behaviour in Behavior & Training
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Panda Bear

This is completely normal; you're her "person". Don't let her do anything now though (like claw and lick your head) that you wouldn't want her to do when she is 15 pounds and five+ times the size she is now. Also, transition her to wet and then dry food; by 8 weeks she should be chewing dry food. Dry food has 3x the protein of wet, so it is very important that you do this. She should always have a bowl of fresh water available at all times as well. A good kitten starter food is Nutro Max at pet stores; it's good for their first year. ^_^

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