Is my cat going to be okay if she touched some mold?

For the past 2 weeks or so I only bought enough food to eat during that day, so I didn't use the fridge at all. Today I wanted to store something and when I opened it it was full of mold. I cleaned it up tonight, but while I was doing it Kitty came and sniffled around a bit and I had to shoo her to leave, but I think she touched the dirty surfaces a bit. Also, I know spores can travel through air and that I should bathe Kitty, but she never lets me do it.
Moreover, I threw away some mushrooms and I wasn't careful enough and one of them fell on the kitchen floor. Kitty played with it for a few seconds, maybe 15, until I took it from her.
I haven't seen lick her paws yet, just the fur for a bit, but I know she will..
I've been reading around on the web and now I'm really confused and worried for Kitty. If she came into contact with the mold for a very short while, is that dangerous? How much time has to pass until I can know for sure that she's okay?I can't afford a vet-help me, please!

Asked by Member 1196134 on Oct 25th 2013 Tagged mold, danger in Illness & Disease
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Bezalel Tiger

If you're really worried, you can give her a bath and clean out her nose with saline solution only. If she does show signs that she is sick because she was in contact with spores that made her ill, you WILL have to take her in to a vet for treatment. This is a good lesson to learn, and Banfields have free vet visits (medicine and tests are extra), so think twice about denying a possibly sick animal vet care because you will feel guilty for a very long time if your cat (or dog) became very ill and you did not help to make her well. ^_^

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