Is my cat a Korat, or atl least part korat?

I have a cat that looks and acts like a Korat. She is a big cat and is slender but is heavy. She weighs about 7-9 pounds. She has the classic blue color but she has a couple of small white patches on her. She has sort of a fluffy coat but its not a double coat. She plays fetch and is extremely loyal to me. She follows me everywhere I go. But when you go to pick her up she meows loudly, sometimes growls and hisses.

Her eyes are yellow but there is a green ring around the pupil. She doesn't like our other cats very much. She walks up to them, hisses, and walks away. She doesn't like sudden movements or loud noises. She runs and hides when she hears me take the trash cans out to the street. She is very bold and adventous. She can even corner our dominant male (who weighs about 15 pounds).

Asked by Misty on Apr 24th 2013 Tagged korat in Breeds
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Angel Carina

You don't say how or where you got your cat. Are there Korat breeders in your area? The Korat is not a real common breed and the likelihood of finding a Korat or Korat mix wouldn't be likely.

Another way to try to see if your cat has Korat characteristics, study the breed standards and breed characteristics and compare consistent breed traits to see what if any, Korat traits you see in your cat.

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