Is my cat a Korat, or at least part Korat?

I was wondering in my cat is a korat. Everything I have seen and read about the breed matches her description. She has the facial features are like a British shorthair, with the curved lips. Her eyes are yellow with a green ring around them. Her fur is very soft and is the classic blue color. She has a couple white patches on her though. She is very loyal to us, she plays fetch, she is very vocal and doesn't like to be held for more than a few seconds. She doesn't really like our other cats. She will come up to them, hiss, and walk away. She is a lot heavier than she looks. She is slender and she weighs about 7-9 pounds. Overall she is a very sweet girl.

I would like to know if she is one.

Thanks in advance!

Asked by Member 1166553 on Apr 22nd 2013 in Breeds
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