Is it typical for a Bombay to use his fifth front toe as an opposable thumb?

I have a male (Harry Houdini) that can pick up a ball point pen from a desk with just one paw and carry it away. Never saw this in any other of my cats but it's nothing for Harry to help himself to a pen or eraser and hold it in his paw like he's thinking of what to write. Just curious.

Asked by Member 986763 on May 12th 2010 in Bombay
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First of all: are you serious? If you are, you have one awesome cat. Second: how do you know that Harry is a Bombay? Is he a purebred cat or simply a black cat? That doesn't change the fact that he has great manual dexterity, but I'm just wondering...there have been a lot of Bombay questions recently. No, I've never seen a cat do this, but my cats have tended to be rather dim-witted. Maybe you should teach him the English alphabet or Hindi (if he is indeed a Bombay...which is a breed that actually has nothing to do with India). Joking aside, I have heard of people teaching their cats (especially deaf cats) basic sign language for communication (the human signs, the cat responds). Post on the Behaviors Forum, and you'll be sure to start a most interesting thread. Go, Harry! (And I love the name!)

Harvey answered on 5/14/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer