Is it possible for a spirit of a feline to come back into it's body after death?

Over a week and half ago I took Princess ( 8 months old Maine Coon) into the vet to be spayed. Had a voucher, but it didn't have her name on it to be spayed at this time. The name belonged to her grandmother, Momma. Unfortunately, she gotten pregnant before the voucher could be used for her. So I didn't think how important it was to not use it for any other female, but the name of the kitty on the voucher. Another words, I tried to switch the voucher for another female that I thought was ready to be spayed. I went through the process. Princess, a very healthy and athletic kitty went into a cardiac arrest under their anesthetic. They couldn't bring her back. According to the doctor, nothing like this ever happened in her clinic before.
I don't believe in cremation so they gave her body back to me. The weather has not been good here to bury her. I know I was in the wrong and this is why it happened. But I keep wondering whether God will do a miracle and bring her spirit back, need help.

Asked by Member 1031365 on Feb 5th 2013 Tagged aspiritofcat in Loss of a Pet
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I'm sorry for your loss however the chances of your cat coming back to life (especially if her body has been released to you by the vet after being pronounced dead) are very, very slim. I'm not sure why you thought that her death was your fault however, you were doing the responsible thing by having her spayed. Sometimes animals (and people) do not handle the anesthetic well and things go wrong. It is NOT your fault!

Hunter answered on 2/5/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Izadore (Izzie)

I'm so sorry for your loss. Have you considered grief counselling? You can find groups through your vet. It gives you a chance to share your feelings of loss with others and a group leader. I know how badly you want Princess back. I still miss dogs and cats I lost 25 years ago. If wishing would make it so, all those animals would be sitting by me now, but unfortunately, it isn't so. A lot of us believe in a place called The Rainbow Bridge, where deceased animals go when they die. It's said to be a beautiful place, a stopping off point for the animals to wait for us until we pass and then pick them up on our way to Heaven. All the animals there are healthy and not in pain any longer. I know that's where Princess is right now, probably frolicking with the animals I miss. Be at peace and know that one day, you'll see her again and she will be VERY happy you've come for her!

Izadore (Izzie) answered on 2/6/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer