Horus who loves Hazel Lucy

Is it possible for a cat not to purr? We have had Horus in our family for over two months now, and he has never purred.

Asked by Horus who loves Hazel Lucy on Dec 31st 2007 Tagged purr in Socialization
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Mozza (forever loved)

Is it possible that Horus is a silent purrer? When he's very happy & content, snuggled down with someone & accepting stroking or kitty scritches, gently place two finger where his larynx (voice box) would be on his neck. Do it in an unobstructive manner. If you do it too suddenly, it may interrupt his purring. If you can feel his throat vibrating, he's purring.

Some cats purr VERY quietly. Mozza does most of the time except when he's making dough on my quilt, next to me, at bedtime. Then, he goes nuts with loud purring. He almost seems 'out of it' then. I would never hear him purring otherwise since he's so quiet. But feeling his neck when he's normal happy, I feel his purring.

If Horus isn't purring very quietly, it may be he's not feeling completely at home yet since you adopted him from a rescue place. He may have had a rough life before & needs time to build up lots of trust in people. It's only been 2 months. I bet before long, if he's not purring now, he soon will be.

Mozza (forever loved) answered on Jan 1st.

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It's possible that he CAN, he probably just WON'T. Watch for signs; it's possible that he simply shows his happiness in other ways.

Member 551920 answered on 12/31/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


Tyson's purrs sound almost like a growl. He was a silent purrer (you could feel the rumbling and not hear a thing) for close to two years. Then a couple of months ago, he began to make a noise between a grunt and a growl that I've come to discover is his purr. The vet has told me that this is okay, and some cats just do not make the purr sound that you're expecting. There are other ways to know your cat is happy. Good luck!

Tyson answered on 1/1/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 2 Report this answer

Ernie- 2006-2008

I purr, but it's so quiet that my mom has to put her hand on my side to "feel" it 'cause you can't hear me purring. My brofur Iz, on the other hand, has surround-sound purring and can be heard in the other room. Delilah the Diva is also a silent purr-er. But, we are all very happy at our house just like we're sure Horus is. BTW--all three of us are constant 'talkers'. Is Horus?

Ernie- 2006-2008 answered on 1/1/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 2 Report this answer