Is it normal for a new kitten to make an older male cat to put on muscle weight?

I have a 1 year old male cat who is neutered, we've just got him a 4 month old male who is also neutered as company. They love to play together and are happy. We've had the new kitten for 2 weeks now and in that time the older male has put on some serious muscle bulk, almost like a bodybuilder on steroids. Is this normal alpha male behaviour or is it something else?

I have not seen a vet about this yet as he seems normal apart from the weight gain.

Asked by Member 1192387 on Oct 1st 2013 Tagged weight, kitten, health, muscle in Other Kittens
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Panda Bear

He is probably getting into the kitten food, as well as becoming an adult and filling out. Switch him to an adult food now such as Natural Choice Grain Free Duck or Salmon. If he continues to eat the kitten food for another year, he'll get fat. If the kitten prefers the adult cat food, at nine 1/2 months you can switch him over so that they are both eating the same food. ^_^

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