Is it normal for a female cat to meow alot during pregant, and when nursing?

My 2 yr old female cat meows alot, seems like she is ALWAYS hungry. Is it normal for her to meow alot when she is pregant & when she is nursing?

Asked by bailey on Mar 14th 2013 in Pregnancy
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Have your kitty checked by your veterinarian to make sure she doesn't have any medical problems, just to make absolutely sure she's ok. Meowing alot can indicate illness or pain so its wise to rule this out 1st

Hunger is only one of MANY reasons for a cat to meow. Unless your vet has recommended against it, free-choice feed your cat a good dry cat food. Make sure fresh drinking water is also available for your cat at all times. Most cats will not overeat. A cat needs extra nutrition during pregnancy and nursing. Let your cat eat all she wants.

Some cats, especially those with Siamese and other oriental breeds in their background, are naturally quite talkative. They may not look the least bit Siamese but will have the unmistakable loud mouth & wide variety of vocalizations so typical of Siamese. A Siamese or Siamese mix can even sound like a human baby crying!

Cats also use a variety of sounds to talk to their kittens. Often a cat uses a trilling sound to call her kittens to he

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