Introducing a kitten to a 2 year old cat

My cat Hugo is 2 years old, he is very friendly and tries to play with our dog any chance he gets. I'd love to get a second cat. Would it be a good idea to introduce a kitten? Or would my chances of success be better with another adult cat? Does it matter is the second cat is a male or female, or the same or different breed?

Asked by Member 1232146 on Aug 19th 2014 in Adoption & Rescue
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Panda Bear

Breeds don't matter, but acquiring one of the opposite gender helps them to get along, especially if they are both spayed and neutered. Also, if the dog is old, I would wait until s/he passes so as not to annoy the dog, unless the dog is extremely mellow or large. Get a cat tree so your existing cat has vertical space to hide in during the introduction process, which must be accomplished SLOWLY for optimum success, and add another litter box. ^_^

Panda Bear answered on Aug 19th.

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