I’m trying to find out why my older cat has started leaving us little gifts on the couch in the past 6 to 8 months. With

I’ve had my 2 cats 10+ years, one male, one female, and one dog. The litter and box are the same and the routine of the house has remained the same. I seem to think it’s a problem with health and my wife seems to think it’s a problem with my going to the bathroom in the morning (of course the litter box is in the bathroom.) but as I said the routine hasn’t changed in the last 5 years. Also she has an ear issue that has caused her problems for about 6 months and we have to clean her ear 2 times a week or it will get all funky smelling. Any ideas anyone? Please, give me an answer.

Asked by Member 1183014 on Jul 30th 2013 Tagged cat, gifts, couch in Other Health & Wellness
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I believe that she is having trouble holding it in. Put litter boxes in every room of your house, if you cannot do that then at least put one on every floor of your house.

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