I'm taking a 11 week old kitten on a flight from South America, to Canada.

I have 2 lay overs. A 2 hour flight, then a 6 hour flight and then a 4 hour flight. Are tranquilizers needed?? Any additional advice?

Asked by Member 1107358 on Apr 23rd 2012 Tagged travel, advice, kitten, tranquilizer, airplane in Travel & Recreation
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Your kitten should not be tranquilized. Whatever you do, DO NOT allow her to be put in the cargo hold. It's dangerous, and so many layovers means a lot can go wrong. Take your kitten into the cabin with you. Most airlines will allow this as long as the carrier fits under the seat. You can get small folding cardboard litter trays and take her into the bathroom to see if she needs to use it.

Monster answered on 4/26/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Most airlines allow you to take the kitten in the cabin with you for a fee.

I'd first work on getting her used to the crate. Put her in it, give some treats and praise, then let her out. Once she handles that, take a short car trip with her. Give lavish praise and a few treats. Show her that the crate isn't a bad thing.
She'll be calmer if she's used to the crate. Talk to your vet as well, get tranqs but I'd try not to use them.

Bring her favorite treats, food and few toys as well. I'd also look for a crate that has a small opening for your hand so you can pet her.
Make the crate a safe nest for her. Put a favorite blanket in with her.

Give her some food and water during the layovers but not too much. Turbulence can upset the tummy and we don't want a mess.

Time permitting, let her out for walk if your airport has a 'pet zone'.
Bring a litterpan and small baggie of litter. You can use the family restroom. I'd bring more then one so you can chuck the used

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