I'm moving my cats into my college dorm, it's small but I don't have a roommate. Is a dorm big enough for two cats?

I got Kourmai and Clementine at the same time a little over a year ago, now that I'm in college I miss them a lot; so i got permission to move them into my dorm. I'm just worried they won't be happy.

Asked by Member 1193822 on Oct 10th 2013 Tagged collegekitties, newhome, smalllivingquarters in Other Health & Wellness
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Panda Bear

What college would let you move cats into a dorm unless you are in off-campus housing? Dorm rooms are the size of a regular bedroom- too small for even one (bored) cat. They won't be happy at all- no cross ventilation, cat trees, climate control, bird watching, or YOU!! Don't tell me that you are going to sit in your dorm room studying for most of the day, every single day. This may be good for you, but it is CRUEL for them. Please leave them at home where they are not surrounded by teenagers! If one of them gets out, good luck ever seeing it again!! If you are clinically depressed, please think twice before putting your animals in the same situation.

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