Im moving and getting a new kitty (I already have a 2 years old cat). What should I do first?

Hi, im moving from my big parents house to a small flat, so Im taking my adorable two years old female cat (Coco) with me. I know this is going to be traumatic for her, because of the space, and because there´s always people at my parents, now she is going to be alone during the day. Because of that, I want to get a kitty, so they can become friends and make each other company while Im working. So the cuestion is: Should I move first with Coco to the new place, and when she is used to it, bring the new cat? Or should I bring the new cat to my parents house before we move, so they can get to know each other, and then move the three of us together? I want to do what is less traumatic for Coco, I love her so much and I want her to be happy!!! Thanks!!!

Asked by Member 1156342 on Feb 21st 2013 Tagged move, newkitty in Socialization
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I think either way it will be traumatic for her – new territory – new competition. If it were me - I would move and wait. Give your kitty time to get used to her new digs then introduce a new kitty. I think doing it beforehand you run the risk of upsetting the balance with the move. Also, consider when you move if you will have a separate room where you can keep them separated for a while until they get used to each other - the introduction should be done slowly for the best possible outcome. Carve out space in your new home for your resident kitty to call her own. Have you considered if your kitty would be receptive to a newcomer? I too was concerned when I moved that my resident cat would be lonely – and he was – but not every kitty may feel that way. If you do adopt again, discuss your current kitty and living arrangements with the shelter so they can help you find a good match. Either way your kitty is going to need your love and reassurance. Good luck.

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