I'm curious about my cat's behavior towards me after introducing a new kitten last weekend.

Last weekend my husband and I brought home a 4 month old kitten. We already have a 15 month old cat who, needless to say, was none too pleased with us. We have been keeping the two separate for the time being. Our older cat seems to be curious as she sits outside the door to the room we've been keeping the kitten in (she does hiss and growl when the kitten is right next to the door). She has been a bit distant the past week which I understand but tonight she came up to me and sat on my lap which she has done very rarely. Is this a sign that she is starting to accept the new situation or she just claiming me as hers?

Asked by Member 1141016 on Nov 16th 2012 in Behavior & Training
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A new kitten can be stressful, you are doing a great job keeping them seperate.
It sounds as though your elder kitty will huff for a while, when i brought home 8week old Gizmo...1 year old Batfink was not impressed, he huffed for ages, although, in these kind of situations its likely by sitting on your lap your elder kitty is trying to get some reassurance from you that he is still loved, be sure to shower him with affection and attention during the next few weeks while he adjusts to the new member of the house. Hope all is well! good luck!

Batfink answered on 11/17/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer