I'll be away for 2 weeks - should Callie stay home with visitors or cove to my sister's?

I'll be away for two weeks in September. Usually my five year old Callie stays with mom, but this time mom's coming with me. My backup just adopted her own cat, and Callie and she barely tolerated each other for a long weekend so I don't think two weeks will work. My options at this point are (1) leave her home and have someone she knows visit every day to feed, clean up and play with her, or (2) drive her two plus hours to leave her with my sister (who she does know and like). I know cats like to be in their own homes, but Callie is very needy and barely makes it through a night on her own. I'm really note sure whether it's better for her to be in familiar surroundings or to be with someone. What do you guys think?

Asked by Member 1188268 on Sep 2nd 2013 in Travel & Recreation
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Bezalel Tiger

It's an either or, and you will only know when you choose a scenario and see how she behaves. Don't feel bad if the results are not optimal, because the next time when you select the opposite choice for her care, the same results may play out. She will mellow out over time. If you bring her to your sis, also include a blanket of hers, the same food, toys and treats so that she can be surrounded with similar scents, and douse the car with calming spray before she is allowed in via her carrier. ^_^

Bezalel Tiger answered on 10/23/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer