If you found a kitten in your back yard is it okay to hold with your hands if it look healthy

Like if it was alone but being street kitten will it carry disease, or rabbies or vaccine in its claws or bite infection

Asked by Rex on Mar 27th 2013 Tagged clawsteeth in Other Health & Wellness
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Well, the truth is yes, you could get clawed, bit and infected, but if it did have rabies, it could give it to you. Chances are, if it is friendly and came to you in your back yard and is letting you hold it, and it doesn't look ill, it probably does not have rabies. It probably has worms, which some kinds you could catch, but just wash your hands extra good and don't touch your face, mouth, etc. I have a feral, she has brought me dead rats and squirrels, so gross. She is fixed and has been vaccinated and I do pet her regularly, and I do wash my hands very well afterwards, and I even leave my shoes outside that she rubs up against. You just have to kind of use common sense. All 3 of my cats were strays from outside, all had worms, I made them all my pets and they have not made me sick. I adore them. I hope you make this kitty your pet or if not, find it a good home :)

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