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If a cat is constantly licking thier mouth, can that be a sign of something is wrong?

My kitten is licking her mouth a lot, much like they would when you open a can of food. I have also noticed she has a new quirky eating habit. She picks up one piece of food and chews it slowly. Could she be teething? She's only about to be 5 monthes and I've heard they teeth. Is this so? She chews a lot when she plays(a habit we are trying to slowly break her from) but could she have hurt her mouth? She hisses when she bites down really hard like we are the ones that hurt her and that concerns me.
So, do kittens teeth?
Do you think them licking thier lips a lot is a sign of a problem?
Thanks for your help!

Asked by Just Miracle on Aug 1st 2008 Tagged teething, kitten, biting, lickinglips in Kittens
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She could definitely be getting some teeth in. Usually the last teeth to come in are the canines (fangs) around age 6 months. If her mouth continues to seem painful have it checked by your vet to be sure there isn't something else going on.
Lip licking could be a sign of nausea but since she is eating then I would highly doubt that is the problem.
Could she have gotten ahold of a string or anything? Check under her tongue for any possible foreign material.

Hunter answered on Aug 1st.

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