I work in Ontario cat rescue and a woman has been searching for a very specific type of cat. TUX resembles this cat.

A woman has been inquiring at various rescues in Ontario for many months about about availability of a black/white, long-haired, tuxedo female. We have not been able to find a cat that matches the picture in her mind. She recently saw a cat on catster that was exactly the cat she was waiting for. Is TUX, a 6 year old DLH female, available for adoption at this time? Does your organization adopt out cats beyond a certain catchment area? Do you require face-to-face interviews? Do adopters pick up cats or can they be shipped. This lady is not computer savvy, so I have stepped in for her to make this inquiry. Thanks for your information in this matter. Mary Dart (Pet Patrol)

Asked by Member 1071792 on Nov 19th 2011 in Adoption Center
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Catster is not a rescue or adoption organization. It is a member based website and any cats shown here belong to individual people across the US and the world. Many people do show adoptable cats here in hopes that somebody will see them and give them a home. The page will indicate when the cat is up for adoption and where they are willing to adopt them to is up to that individual. It would be helpful if she could show you the exact profile page she saw this cat on. I am thinking this may be her but this was posted 3 years ago. You would have to contact the page owner to inquire. Under her main picture, there is a little picture of an envelope and you can click it to send a message to her.

Allie answered on 11/20/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer