I was wondering if someone could tell me what breed my baby is? I've been told many different breeds. Thank You

Asked by Ashlea on May 16th 2010 in Breeds A-H
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Izadore (Izzie)

Welcome to Catster! Yes, whoever told you that your baby has many different breeds in her is right. Unless you have papers stating she is a "purebred", she has a big family tree with lots of branches and limbs on it. But, that's OK. She is known as a domestic shorthair or DSH. She may have many different breed, but we're sure she is 100% loveable!! Purrs!

Izadore (Izzie) answered on May 16th.

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I know more about long haired breeds than short hairs. I am also very dense when it comes to gray cats. It would help if you had more photos of Ashlea, but I swear that she looks as if she has British Shorthair ancestry. Check
for photos and information. Now, before you get excited and say "My cat is a British Shorthair!", remember two things. One is that most cats (over 95%) are simply generic--they do not have a breed and probably are not mixes. The other, more salient point is that British Shorthairs are not a common breed and that breeders are almost certain to sell cats who are alters or who have altering requirements. Thus the chances of British Shorthair genetic material in the American moggy pool are extremely low. However, stranger things have happened. You could try taking Ashlea to a cat show in the Household Pet category, and have a judge give an expert opinion on what may be in her genetic mix. Enjoy!

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