I want to see if anyone can identify my little girl. She is about 10 months now. I think these pics are about 2 months o

I want to see if anyone can identify the breed of my cat. She is abotu 10 months, loves water, is super sweet at times, but plays like she wants to kill me. She loves the people she loves, but will quickly scratch or hiss at others. She loves to play. She is really smart, she opens cupboards, and drawers to get what she wants. She chews on things like a puppy. She loves to be on my sholder when I get home. I only paid $150 for her. The vet that fixed her said they thought bengal or savanha, but being she was so cheap I highly doubt it. I love her to pieces all the same. When the lady came to show her to me I could not let her go home (she looked shady). She was only 6 weeks when I got her, I was worried she would not make it, as I have heard this is to young. She is just about 10 months and weighs about 10 pounds. She is way more then I bargained for, I have to get a pet sitter if I am gone over 10 hours. Best mistake I ever made :) Any ideas?

Asked by Loaf on Dec 28th 2011 in Breeds
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Your cat may very well be a Bengal. Typical Bengal cat characteristics are large jade green eyes (like jewels) with markings around the eyes that look like mascara, muscular body build, and spots on their coats like your cat has. I once rescued a male Bengal cat that was approximately 10 years old. Someone dumped him with my feral cat colony and thank goodness he was adopted by the woman who ran the local SPCA where I live. The cat lived for about four more years and died of cancer. The woman who adopted him from me told me he brought much happiness to her and her husband's life. At least I know he was well taken care of in the latter years of his life. This woman always sent me pictures of him. Best of luck with your kitty. She is a beauty!

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