i want to know to which breed does my 9 months old kitten belongs to.

he has vertical stripes at sides of his body. he is very active . dont eats red meat or any kind of fatty food. has very sharp claws and a strongly build up body

Asked by Member 820985 on Mar 29th 2009 in Domestic Shorthair
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Well, since you don't provide photos or even mention the color of the cat, it's pretty hard to help you with your question. I would assume it to be a domestic short hair, since you don't mention it being long haired. Vertical stripes suggest that your cat is a mackerel tabby--usually grey (really brown in cat show language) but sometimes orange (red in cat show language). These are color descriptions and not breeds. The other characteristics you mention don't have any bearing on breed. You are almost certain to be a moggie--a generic cat. No breed. Regarding the "strongly built up body," some cats are large, some small. With purebred cats, there can be a variation in size that is linked to their breed, but this is different from your case. If you had a cat with a "breed," you would either have a pedigree, or have obtained it from a breed-specific rescue service.

Lola answered on Mar 30th.

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