I WANNA ASK ABOUT HER HEALTH AND BEHAVIOUR. its a persian kitten 10weeks old

hey therei just got a persian kitten i week ago and i got a ready made house for her its a double story with a rectangular big box at the bottom and at the top there is a sitting area and roof but the kitten NEVER sits in it she sleeps under the bed or next to the door usually. what shall i do to make her sleep in her cat house only?? besides at times she goes all wild she catches everythging and try biting and even my foot at times in the morning.. why is his so? Also i feed her 3 times in a day, morning,evening and at night and i want her to be healthy so what else can i do to make her healthy? i give her COCAT PURINA KITTEN FOOD daily.. also i heard we should carry a kitten too much it weakens them? since its growing age. is it true?

Asked by Member 1206986 on Jun 25th 2014 Tagged healthandwellness in Other Behavior & Training
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My cat is 4, and still refuses to sleep IN anything! Dont force her to slee in the house, shes just had a massive change so give her time. Get a small blanket and put it where she sleeps so her hair wont go everywhere (mine has the kids old beanbag for a bed!). As for biting, shes teething, but you must stop her. Recoil back, and SAY (not shout) no firmly, when she does it again, say no, but move her about 1 meter away, when she goes AGAIN, its time for time out! Pick her up and put her in the bathroom (put the toilet lid down!) leave her in there for 5 minutes. That should help. And get her some toys she can bite, hunt, etc

As for food, just read the packet.

Member 1210706 answered on 6/25/14. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


As for carrying the kitten around, as long as you put her down every so often so she can eat, drink, use the litter, and run around to play then you can pick her up 50 times a day if you really want to. Don't hold her against her will and she'll get all the exercise she needs to grow strong. More importantly, not holding her enough would be really bad, because not only is she relying on you to teach her human socialization, but also you need to provide ALL the physical stimulation her mother and litter mates would normally provide at this point in her life. Like most mammals cats need loving physical contact with other mammals for their emotional and often physical well-being, especially when they are young. A well snuggled kitten is happier, smarter and healthier!

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YOU don't get to decide where a cat sleeps, SHE does! Luckily when our daughters surprised us with our older Ocicat Saphira for Christmas in 2011 (we had been without any cats in the house for 4 years), we did not waste any money on a kitty bed, because within a couple of days she had settled in and decided that our king size heated water bed was HERS. She always sleeps with us, and frequently naps with us as well, but she does have other nap spots around the house, and those change from time to time. Often sunny spots by a sliding door or window where she can see outside.

Kittens can be kind of hyperactive at times, but they never grow out of it completely, all cats get the "zoomies" at times and tear around the house at warp speed.

About attacking your feet, a firm NO and moving them out of range may help. Our younger Oci girl Viola is 3 and she will still attack my feet, but only when I am in bed. The only thing that works for me is to quickly get them under the covers!

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