I think we introduced our new cat to our current cats too soon, what do we do?

So we have Aurora (a girl tabby) who is 11 years old and not the most friendly of cats but she mostly just keeps to herself.

We have Miles (a boy bombay rescue) who is 4 years old and very friendly and mostly easy-going.

We're trying to bring in our new cat Archie who is a rescue (a boy siamese/tabby mix we think) who is approximately 2 years old and very sweet.

We introduced them after about 5 days of separation because Archie was getting really agitated being in the other room and kept crying, the same happened when we introduced Miles to Aurora.

Now Aurora is just hiding in her little hole in the tower and Miles is on-guard hissing and growling. Do I just let them figure it out? Have I ruined their future relationship? Help!

Asked by Miles on May 1st 2014 Tagged introduction, new, adoption, behavior in Aggression
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Panda Bear

This is completely normal. The cat which is the same gender as the other is going to have the most problems. It would have been better if you would have brought a girl in due to the age difference, but bygones. It is important for you to separate them while you are not home, still, until you can be sure that there will be no fighting when you're at work. Add another litter box and water bowl accordingly. Give your existing cats treats like SmartBites to pacify them. If you can feed the cats separately, the boys should be eating adult food while the girl is fed a healthy senior food like MaxCat Senior. If there is fighting, pour water over their heads to break it up (no harm but a puddle). They should learn to coexist. If you feel that the boys are being territorial, distract them with an active toy like the Cat Dancer, and play mellow music for them when you're away. ^_^

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