I think my kitten is a hermaphrodite, also has weird behaviors please help?

I adopted 2 kittens a few weeks ago, Nisha and Avah. Avah is clearly a female, estimating about 10 weeks old, the vaginal opening is right below the anus. Nisha does not have anything directly below the anus, but instead has something fleshy looking a good inch below the anus. Nisha is about 7 weeks and is also VERY hyper, even by kitten standards. Shi also licks Avah's neck until it is soaking with spit. Shi does not bite, there was no blood on the other cat, and as far as I can tell Avah is just a little annoyed with it and allows it to happen. I have tried using a spray bottle to discourage the behavior whenever I see it, and a solid week worth of this has not changed the behavior at all. I also try distraction with a toy, which simply does not work. Nisha also pees very frequently, I have to change the box daily brand new litter, cleaning the tray with soap and water. What can I do for Nisha about the possible intersex thing and the behaviors?

Asked by Member 1178897 on Jul 7th 2013 Tagged hermaphrodite, kitten, behavior in Kittens
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Angel Dova(8-1-13/7-5-14)

I would have Nisha seen by the vet. I once had a cat who was hermaphrodite, she looked female on the outside but when the vet went to spay her he found both male and female organs internally! The frequent peeing may be related. The vet should be able to figure that one out too.

You can get some Grannick's Bitter Apple (available at pet shops and online) and put some of that on Avah's neck to discourage Nisha's licking. Bitter Apple has a bad taste cats and dogs don't like and is made to stop them from licking/chewing things they shouldn't be licking/chewing.

Angel Dova(8-1-13/7-5-14) answered on 11/21/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer