I think my cat is in shock because of her first trip to the vet, what do I do?

My new cat, Gypsie (a dark tabby with beautiful sea-green eyes), was totally feral when she wandered up. She was very small, with a hook in her tail that we'd always wondered about because it wasn't as it the tail had been chopped off; the bone was actually curled as if it had grown like that.
It took several months before she'd trust us, and by then we'd been feeding her for like 6 months so we figured she'd stay. So we took her to the vet and she was very good considering she'd been wild when she'd first come up. She didn't bite or scratch, just shivered a little bit.
But when we got home, she laid behind the couch (which is up against the wall) for about 18 hours. Since it was through the night, I don't know if she ate or drank in that time period. All I know is that until she had to go outside, she hadn't moved from what I could see.
Please let me know if she could be in shock or something....I don't want her hurt. Thank you!

Asked by Gypsie on Jan 3rd 2009 Tagged shock, cat, tabby, gypsie in Vaccinations
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How long ago was the trip to the vet and did she have vaccinations? I would be concernd that she was having a reaction to the vaccines. Watch her to make sure she doesn't seem sick or lethargic. Other than that, I am sure she was stressed out from a car ride and having other people touch her if she was feral. If everything else seems normal, I would just work on regaining her trust. The vet is necessary and a little loss of trust may be the price you pay for taking good care of her. One of mine shivers the whole time we are at the vet and then hides from me for hours after. Some cats are just shy even though Bailey raised the same as my others.

Bailey answered on 1/3/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer