i recently got a kitten who is 10 weeks old it is a semi punch fawn color persian kitten and i have some quries..

Firstly, at times she goes extremely highper she runs from here and there and acts all crazy why is this so? cause persian cats are supposed to be all lazy.
Secondly, i want to train her and want her to be EXTREMELY obedient to me like whatever i say i want her to listen to my commands very obeduientyly and respond accordingly tell me hopw can we do thta? also i want her to come when she is called by her name cookie.When i was purchasing her she had fleas and i wasnt ready to get a kitten who had fleas so the owners got her flea sprayed from the vet not she says give her a bath after 3 weeks and not before than that do you think thats fine? isnt three weeks a long span of time? Also if once after the bath and everything can she get fleas again? i dont want too.At times she takes our fingers in her mouth as if she is gonna bite and she does act as if shes biting but it doesnt hurt cause shes a kitten so what to do to STOP THIS? i say NO LOUDLY but then she runs away.

Asked by Member 1206986 on Jun 24th 2014 Tagged behaviourtraining in Methods of Training
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The calmest 10 week old kitten is more hyper than the most hyper adult cat. Hopefully she'll settle down as she ages but being Persian is no guarantee she'll be docile, every unique cat has their own personality.

"Training" cats is more difficult than dogs, look into clicker training if you want to teach her some tricks, but cats will always have an independent streak and at the end of the day care more about doing what they want than what you want.

Cats don't normally need baths unless they get into something (poo, chemicals, etc.) that they can't clean themselves. After the 3 weeks is up take her to your vet (she needs distemper shots and spaying then anyways) and have them do an Rx top-spot treatment if you're worried about fleas returning, usually one dose stops the infestation if all animals are treated.

Yelping or hissing and stopping play is exactly what you should do if you want to discourage play biting. Adopting a kitten playmate can also help teach her gentleness.

Cali answered on 6/24/14. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Bezalel Tiger

Hello, you need to better familiarize yourself with kitten behavior. All they do is eat, play and sleep, in that order. Get your kitten toys and scratchers so that she can keep busy by entertaining herself. For bathing, do it once and then you shouldn't have to do it again. If you have carpeting and she's been on it, then you will need to flea bomb your place or flea powder treat ALL of your carpeting. As for the biting, she is teething at the moment. Just say "stop!" whenever she does it and she'll get the message. Ensure she is using her litter box, because this breed is notorious for pooping on the floor next to the box... fastidiousness! ^_^

Bezalel Tiger answered on 6/25/14. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Firstly, shes in her todler age! She will be hyper, and bouncy, thats the joy of a kitten. No kitten is calm 100% of the time unless theyre ill. Secondly, a cat is a very indepentant animal, you can train her to use a litter box, come to her name, and know roughly what 'no' means, but whether she decides to actually DO those things all the time is all up to her! Sorry, but you just can't train a cat like you can a dog.
As for fleas, she'll need a spot on treatment every month, I boost this with garlic tabs for peace of mind (fleas hate the smell so keep clear, u wont smell a thing though) flea bomb your place (really easy, dont worry!) and bath her in 3 weeks. I have never bathed my cat, there is usually no need as they do it themselves. She has fallen in my bath before which was rather 'fun'.

I would strongly suggest you get a cat care book that focus' on her breed

Member 1210706 answered on 6/25/14. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


If you want an animal who is "EXTREMELY obedient" and "listens to your commands very obediently and responds accordingly", you DON'T want a cat, that is NOT how cats are! The saying is, "Dogs have owners, cats have staffs." You don't even want a dog, and for God's sake NEVER have a child, you will be disappointed by all of them! There are breeds that tend to be more intelligent and trainable, like the Ocicat. We are owned by two of these wonderful cats, and they are well behaved, but are by no means perfect. Nibbling on your fingers could just be teething, she is about at that age. Just take your fingers away if it bothers you. In another question you asked about handling her. As long as she is happy and does not seem upset by it and you are gentle with her, it should not be a problem.

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