I recently got a kitten 2 weeks ago and she is now 8 weeks old, found some fleas on her the other day, went vets and got

Asked by Member 1177887 on Jul 1st 2013 in Flea & Tick Protection
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Panda Bear

Good, most flea meds are for 8 weeks and up. You now need to treat the premises, especially if you have carpeting. Buy foggers from Lowe's/menard's and flea bomb each room with carpeting. If you're not okay with pesticides, try Nature's Defense flea powder by Sentry. Remove all linens and the cat while this is happening- a trip to the groomer for a flea bath is best. Then follow the directions, come home to air out your place, and then when time is up you can come back and put things back the way they were. Otherwise, you will have dormant fleas lurking in your carpet waiting for the right moment to bite, ugh! ^_^

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