I recently brought home a year old black female cat that apparently was abandoned about 4 weeks ago and was living in a

barn with wild cats and who knows what else. Even though the cat was obviously in a few battles because of her appearance ie some hair missing, she always wanted to be petted. I took the cat home and was not surprised to see her hide under a table the first night. The next day she was loving and purring but later that night she retreated to her hiding place and hissed when I went near her. Is this normal behavior for a cat that's been traumatised? Should I just give her space and be patient or do you think I have a major issue here....Thanks very much.

Asked by Member 1210632 on Jan 20th 2014 Tagged rejection in Behavior & Training
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Orion Hemingway

You're doing great! She's in a strange place. As long as she knows where the litter (you may have to teach her to use it), food and water are, let her get acquainted on her own. In a month, take her to the vet for shots and to see if she is spayed. If you are planning on keeping her inside, you will have to transition to dry food. Try a mix of MaxCat dry and wet in chicken and oceanfish. You can always try to tempt her out with a toy like the cat dancer. Make sure she has place to climb like a cat condo... a bored kitty can be destructive. Don't forget to flea treat, especially if you have carpeting... you will not see them on a dark colored cat! ^_^

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