I recently adopted a pure bred Blue and white Persian. how do I enter her in a cat show?

both her parents are registered with CFA and have a long history of perfect features. What documents do I need to enter her in cat shows?

Asked by Member 1160870 on Mar 24th 2013 Tagged prebredpersian, blueandwhite, catshowdocumentation in News & Events
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Angel Velcro

First if you haven't done it already, you need to make sure you fill out, sign, and send in your cat's individual CFA registration slip to CFA so you're correctly recorded as her owner. If you haven't attended a cat show before, its wise to SEE a cat show before entering one, to get an idea of how things are done at cat shows, how cages where cats stay inbetween judging are decorated etc. This will be of great help to you when you actually go to show your own cat. More info about CFA showing & shows here:

CFA show calendar 2013

The shows each give the contact information for the entry clerk of the club sponsoring the show. You contact the entry clerk to get show entry forms, fill out the show entry forms, send them in with your entry fees & start preparing for the show.

ACFA show schedule

TICA show calendar

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