I need to fing a vet that will see my cat for free or reduced rate.

My 8 year old male cat is showing signs of hyperthyroidism. I'm on a fixed income and wanted to know if any vet would charge me a reduced rate. I got him form PAWS and he has been a great joy in my life. Please help, if you can. Thank you.

Asked by Member 975007 on Apr 17th 2012 in Other Health & Wellness
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You can get help but you have tolook. Ask local vets if they know any programs. Or if they take payment s. Try to put them on the spot when they have a full waiting room.(make sure you have your cat in his carrier with you) crying and promises to pay show determination. Who knows maybe someone in the waiting room will step up. Point is if you really want help you have to seek it. There's lots of help out there but it doesn't go door to door

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Azurine Ambrosia

Start by checking with paws..see if they know of any vet or organization that can help. Call your local vets and ask if they at sometimes help people who have financial difficulty . Some vets do , also ask if they know of any clinics... many areas have shelters that help out. also if you have college's near by for vetinary training , they will do if free sometimes or little cost as the vets are in training.. good luck..

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