Buzz n Bucky ADOPTED!!!! :-)

I need to add the email address for our adoption coordinator for a cat...what is the html coding?

Hello, Caster,
I need the html coding for inserting a email address on a Catster page so that queries o Bucky n Buzz can go directly to the adoption coordinator at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.

I'm the "Catster publicist' for these 2 adorable older kittens who keep getting gunky eyes here at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary and therefore our adoption team cannot take them out on mobile events. In order to expedite potential adopters, it would be helpful if they could get directly to our adoption coordinator so they know the real person who will help them get these 2 great cats home.

I found the instructions on embedding a web site but can't find similar info for hyperlinking to email address.

thank you

Asked by Buzz n Bucky ADOPTED!!!! :-) on May 30th 2008 Tagged specialneedsadoption in Shelters & Rescue
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