I need help finding a home for a stray cat I took in that has feline leukemia.

I have a cat that I am trying to find a home for. It is a stray that someone abandon in the country that was living on my brother's farm for over a year. My brother brought it to us because they were scared it was going to get killed out there. We took it to the vet and it has feline leukemia. The vet est. that he was around 2-3 years old. I would really like to find a rescue center or someone that can take him in, but can not find anything around my area (Kentucky). I came across this website and was wondering if I could find help or any organization that could help. I can not keep the cat because we have other cats and right now we are currently having to keep the stray cat in the bathroom (to keep him isolated). He is super sweet and loving though. Not scared of people at all. I would greatly appreciate any help possible. Thank you.

Asked by Member 1153053 on Feb 1st 2013 Tagged cat, rescue, felineleukemia, help, foster in Shelters & Rescue
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