I have two cats- Dexter and Lilo. I am having troubles feeding them. Dexter seems to eat all of Lilos food everytime.

Lilo knows how to portion her meals. She will eat a little of it and then come back for it later.. Dexter will eat all of his food and then ALL of lilos. Lilo is left not getting enough food and with Dexter gaining weight like crazy. I have tried separating the feeding times, dexter will still eat all of lilos food.. I have tried putting the bowls in separate rooms, dexter will find it and eat all of her food. I have tried feeding less to Dexter and the same amount to Lilo, he still eats it all. I tried give more to Dexter and less to lilo-- dexter still eats all of her food. Please help this crazyness!

Asked by Member 1142954 on Nov 29th 2012 in Food & Nutrition
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Izadore (Izzie)

I know how frustrating this can be. If his sisters don't eat their wet food, Izzie will scarf it all up. Delilah is a dainty eater and will allow Izzie to push her out of her dish. My cats have dry food down all the time and get a "treat" of 1/3 small can of wet food twice a day. The dry food is in one big bowl. During the day, I see all of them at different times up there grazing. Some Catsters might say that Dexter will soon weigh 200 pounds, but I don't find that with my cats. None are overweight even though their dry food is available 24/7. Of course, if you haven't yet checked with your vet about Dexter's voracious appetite, it might be a good idea. The vet may be able to adjust Dex's diet so he won't be so hungry all the time.

Izadore (Izzie) answered on 11/29/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I had the same problem when Link and Zelda were kittens. Zelda would eat Link's leftover food.

The way we ended up solving the problem was feeding them less food at each sitting. We now feed them very small portions 4-6 times a day, depending on if we're home during the day or not.

If you choose to do this, feed just enough that Lilo will eat all or most of what's in her bowl in one sitting (we found it's ~1-1.5 tbs for our cats). It helps to use a measuring spoon to portion out the food so you know how much you're feeding each cat overall per day.

It's now the opposite way around, Link eats Zelda's leftovers, but she normally only leaves a couple of pieces, so we adjust by giving Link slightly less food than Zelda.

Zelda answered on 1/17/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer