I have never had kittens. They are now 17-18 weeks old. Not sure if I am caring for them correctly. Seeking advice.

I adopted 2 kittens, that were feral. These babies were found after Hurricane Sandy, by first responders, in a beach community. A vet took them, as they were very ill, and only 2 wks old. They are now well. I adopted them from the vet and have had them for 3 wks now (they are 17-18 wks now). Feed them only canned kitten food. They each eat 3 small cans a day. Is that normal? When I awake in the morning, they are sleeping with me, is that OK? When is the earliest to have them fixed? Have a M and F and am worried about kittens, if I wait too long. I bought them toys and beds. Should I buy them any other items? I have tried to make the house kitten safe. Any advice anyone can give me, I would appreciate. Plan to get them a chip, even though they will be inside cats. This is my first time as a kitten mother. Want to take good care of my babies.

Asked by Member 1153095 on Feb 1st 2013 Tagged kittens in Kittens
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Congratulations on rescuing these little babies. I'm glad they found you! Being a feral cat rescuer myself, I would advise you to get these kitties fixed ASAP. The female could start going into heat as young as four (4) months (which she's already at). Call your vet and get them both fixed. Maybe you will get a special rate for the two. If not, at least get the female fixed in case she should get outside. When females go into heat, there's no stopping them from escaping and yes, getting into trouble and coming home pregnant. Please don't let that happen. It certainly sounds as though you want to do good by them. I don't know if they are overeating, but your vet will best advise on this. Three (3) cans a day sounds a little much, but they are still growing and need good nutrition. As for sleeping with you, I guess it's not a problem as long as they don't get squished. They are still little. Be careful if they do choose to sleep with you. Wish you all the best!

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