I have kitten named Red Pepper, and she has a red pepper growing out of her butt. I'm not sure what to do...please help!

She is a feral kitten, which may be part of the problem.
I have pet and fed her before, but she gets scared quite easily.
I have not contacted the vet yet, and am hoping to get some advice before I do.

Asked by Member 1090291 on Feb 6th 2012 Tagged kittenhealthissues in Health & Safety
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How big of a "red pepper" are we talking about, and where exactly on the "butt"? If we're talking about a little dark pink 1cm long "pepper" just below the anus then there is a chance she's actually a little he and it's not a problem at all, but if it's larger, redder, and/or more decidedly pepper shaped than that I would assume it's a serious medical problem in the form of an anal or rectal prolapse or even a weird tumor and in that case you should get her to a vet ASAP. If you can't catch her by hand and get her in a carrier (don't try *too* hard or you might scare her away) see if there is a "trap neuter return" group in your area (try googling your county, state, and "trap neuter return" or "feral cats") or your local animal control who will lend or rent you a humane live trap.

Hannah answered on 2/7/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer