I have an 8 mo. kitten I took her home for holidays and she loved other cats! I got her a kitten at our apartment help!

I have an eight month old kitten that is extremely lovable! She is with me in my apartment at school and she meows at me constantly and rubs her face against mine. Needless to say she is sweet. I recently went to my parent's home for Christmas and they have 4 cats there. I was nervous about introducing my cat (Ellie) to my parent's cats. However, Ellie absolutely loved them! She was so happy that when we came back to the apartment she seemed a little blue. I thought maybe getting another kitten would make her happy because she loved my parents cats so much. Yesterday I brought home a new kitten and Ellie hisses at it. They seemed like they were playing and chasing each other for about 2 hours. But Ellie is no longer meowing at me and I'm afraid to show the new kitten attention because I don't want Ellie to get jealous. Is there anything I can do to show Ellie that she is still my baby and I got this new kitten to make her happy not to replace her?

Asked by Member 1208855 on Jan 11th 2014 in Other Behavior & Training
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