I have a year and 6 month old cat Lucky, he was a very inquisitive cat and got into everything and wasn't ever bothered

He had never seen a frisbee before but he has seen different things and has never been this afraid of an object before not even the vacuum. I did try putting food next to it but he wouldn't go near. My dad absolutely terrified him with the frisbee, he made a loud noise as Lucky got close to it, I'm afraid he's traumatized.

Asked by Member 1164341 on Apr 9th 2013 Tagged nervousanxiousjumpy in Fears & Phobias
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You have to continue to expose him to it. Let him see there is nothing scary about it. Continue to provide treats next to or on the frisbee. Start away from the frisbee and work towards it. Or get his favorite toy and play around it. Good luck!

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